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What are the main advantages of Autonomous Mobile Robots?

1. Increased flexibility
Autonomous Mobile Robots demonstrate flexible and agile automation since they are dependent on their own cameras and sensors to operate. Autonomous Mobile Robots are able to create their own paths from Point A to Point B within an area. This allows them to avoid obstacles and instead of following predetermined routes. This also means that Autonomous Mobile Robots can be reprogrammed to perform new tasks with the utmost ease, as opposed to other automation systems that generally require more time and effort to reprogram. Check out this Cross docking robot info for more.

2. Safety - Increased
Autonomous Mobile Robots are equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras. They allow the Autonomous Mobile Robot to comprehend and interpret the environment around it, which allows it to effectively travel within the facility without crashing into obstacles such as product infrastructure, people, or even the product. Human-operated equipment like forklifts does not have the same safety mechanisms and relies on input from humans. Autonomous Mobile Robots don't have the same dangers that human operators do. Human operators could get lost or exhausted, which could lead to accidents. Utilizing Autonomous Mobile Robots to perform tasks that can be easily repeated, therefore, allows operations to reduce the chance of human error and greatly improve the overall safety of a facility.

3. Rapid Implementation
Autonomous Mobile Robots can be installed within a business in as little as four to six weeks , depending on how complex the task is. Important here is the picking software and warehouse execution programs which the units have to be integrated into. For those at the top end of the spectrum this is a relatively quick time frame, particularly when compared to other technologies. As an example of this, a goods to individual (G2P) system can be as long as a year for complete implementation.

4. Ability to scale
Autonomous Mobile Robots can be easily installed in a facility. This lets you follow a modular system of deployment. Begin with a couple of units, and increase the number as your company expands or your requirements change. Start by building your fleet by building it as you go. This will save you a significant amount of money upfront. This modular deployment frees up funds that can be used to pursue other initiatives while you analyze the impact of Autonomous Mobile Robots on your business and decide on the the next steps.

5. Facilities are easy to move between
There are some businesses that may be hesitant to consider automation options due to the fact that they know that a move to a brand new facility is likely in the very near future. This makes sense. When the new facility opens and the current system is installed, it is expected to be shut out of service within the next years. Autonomous Mobile Robots can be utilized in such situations to bridge the gap. Autonomous Mobile Robots can be deployed quickly and moved around between locations. This lets automation take place even for the short term. This can be an advantage for businesses that are looking to set up temporary holiday operations.
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